Custom Assay Development & Single Dose Reagent Mix Lyophilization
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Lyolab Diagnostics

Lyolab Diagnostics specializes in custom assay development and reagent mix lyophilization for diagnostic applications. The company has expertise working with various laboratory technologies such as Ab/Ag's, proteins, nucleic acids, magnetic beads, and fluorescent dyes. Lyolab takes their clients' reagents and components to produce precise, durable, and room temperature stable spherical beads. We also have the capacity to develop lyo-cakes and freeze-dry reagents directly inside micro-fluidic cartridges or porous materials based on client needs.

Lyolab has recently launched a new product line of Blank qPCR Master Mix beads with several different polymerases from leading manufacturers. Customers can test multiple qPCR Master Mix Beads and choose the one that works best for their application.

Our R&D laboratory is equipped with clean and dry rooms, modern freeze-dry equipment, and additional automated dispense capabilities, allowing the company to extend product ranges.